Bad customers are everywhere.

You sold an item. You shipped it. You can see they received it. They lied and said they didn't.

That's a bad customer. We'll help prevent them from ripping you off.

some customers are thieves

they buy stuff and charge it back

A different way of looking at fraud.

Most anti-fraud tools look for suspicious activity, so they always miss the fraud that's committed by the actual cardholder. And that's no small number - 71% of chargebacks fall into this category.

Since there's nothing suspicious about a customer buying something with their own card and having it shipped to their home, anti-fraud tools can never detect it.

No machine learning. No guessing.

Our approach is really simple.

Lots of people try to score free stuff by buying things online, then call their bank and dispute the charges.

We collect that data for millions of transactions, and use it to identify the bad customers by looking at their chargeback history.

stealing from sellers

some customers are thieves


If a lot of chargebacks or refunds are associated with a customer, or the address they're sending the goods to, we'll let you know. We'll also show you how much other sellers have lost, so you can decide whether or not you want to ship the order.


Since Bad Customer's chargeback data comes from multiple sources and payment processors, we're able to identify more bad customers than any individual payment processor or platform could.


Shopify app

Our Shopify App does all the work.

When an order comes in, we'll automatically check it. If we find anything suspicious, we can add a tag to the order and notify you.

We can also tag orders where we don't find anything. That's up to you.

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